I understand that the merchandise offered for sale in each booth must be hand-made or hand-finished by the applicant or under the direction and control of the applicant. If the merchandise is not hand-made in this manner, it must have been improved, enhanced or reworked by the applicant or under the direction and control of the applicant in such a way as to add a homemade touch. Merchandise imported from outside the United States must be handmade, and if not hand-made by the applicant must contain the "Foreign Made" tag, and be improved, enhanced, or reworked as with any other merchandise.

I agree to sell only that merchandise which is shown in the photographs that are part of this application. I understand that submitting an application does not guarantee me space in Midway Swiss Days.

All merchandise sold must have been represented in the photographs submitted to the jury. All products must be approved by the jury selected by the Swiss Days committee. Midway Swiss Days reserves the right to disallow any item that is not in keeping with the standards of Midway Swiss Days. If during the year, you add or change any products, you will need to submit new photos by July 1st to be approved by the committee.

A booth space is an uncovered 10' deep x 15' wide space on the grass. Electricity is not available. Vendors are required to provide their own booth structure, tarps, tables, chairs, etc. The committee strongly encourages vendors to add to the "Swiss" theme by decorating booths in a Bavarian or Swiss motif. Displays must be confined to the booth space, and not encroach on the walkways or the spaces to the side or rear of the booth. Booth spaces are assigned randomly.

Assignments must be adhered to and are not transferable. All sales must take place from your assigned booth and not from vehicles, trailers or campers. No roving sales are permitted. Each vendor will be assigned a set-up time that must be honored. Vendors are required to be in their booths from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm Friday and Saturday. Vendors who sellout their products must remain in their booths for the duration of Midway Swiss Days.

Vendors are to comply with the Utah State Tax regulations. The Tax Commission will provide tax packets for each vendor at check-in.

Midway Swiss Days is not dependent on weather. Fees will not be refunded in the event of rain or winds. Each vendor is responsible for any damages to or from your booth and/or product.

The use of the words "Swiss Days" or "Midway Swiss Days" require written permission. These are registered trade names. Midway City ordinance prohibits pets from being on the square. The sale of food items is strictly prohibited.


Owner/Proprietor Last NameFirst Name
Business NameE-mail Address
Home PhoneBusiness Phone

More than one person can share a booth space, but only the applicant may check in with a Photo ID. If you are sharing a booth space, please do not submit two applications. You can add additional partners under your Account Information page.

Partner Information (Optional)

Last Name First Name E-Mail Address Home Phone
Address City State Zip Business Phone

Set Up Day Preference

Please Designate Percentage For All Categories That Apply:

Artisan FoodHome Decor - Wood Carvings
Bath & BodyHome Decor - Woodcraft
Fine ArtLeather
Functional PotteryMusic
Home Decor - BabyTextile Usables
Home Decor - DollsTextile Usables - Baby
Home Decor - EmbroideryTextile Usables - Bags
Home Decor - FloralTextile Usables - Leather
Home Decor - FragranceTextile Usables - Quilts
Home Decor - FurnitureTextile Wearables
Home Decor - HolidayTextile Wearables - Baby
Home Decor - MetalTextile Wearables - Hair
Home Decor - SignsTextile Wearables - Hats
Home Decor - Stained GlassToys
Home Decor - Tole/Wood Painting
Price Range of Products: $ to $

Please provide a specific explanation of how your work is produced. If any part of your process is done by someone other than yourself, please describe. Descriptions will be used by the jury in scoring your products.
(500 character limit)


Please upload pictures of your product and of your booth. If you cannot include a booth picture, please upload a sketch of your booth design and display. Minimum of 6 pictures required. Include 6-12 pictures. 1MB Limit Each. .tiff not supported

Booth Pic:

Picture 2:

Picture 3:

Picture 4:

Picture 5:

Picture 6:

Picture 7:

Picture 8:

Picture 9:

Picture 10:

Picture 11:

Picture 12:


In order for you to change and edit your information for later use, please choose a password. You will use your e-mail address to login. Make sure you write your password down because if you wish to apply next year, you can just sign in and automatically apply using your e-mail and password.

Re-Type Password:


Fee Structure
$35Application Fee
$700Booth Fee
$100Corner Booth Upgrade
Depending on availability
$75Liability Insurance Rider 
Unless you have adequate coverage


Frequently Asked Questions

How Will My Application Be Judged?

A panel of judges will review and score each entry using a 0-5 scoring system. Scores are tallied and a cutoff score is determined in each category. Vendors will be judged within their selected categories on the following:

  • Photographs of products will be judged on quality, customer appeal, and uniqueness.
  • Photographs of booths/displays will be judged on design, layout, and organization; and an extra point will be added for use of a Swiss theme.

Who Is Eligible To Apply?

All vendors in the included categories may apply. Products must be hand-made or hand-finished by the applicant or under the direction and control of the applicant. If the merchandise is not hand-made in this manner, it must have been improved, enhanced, or reworked by the applicant or under the direction or control of the applicant in such a way as to add a home-made touch.


January 31February 25March 15April 15July 1July 31August 28-29August 30-31
Application DeadlineJudging of ApplicationsNotificationsBooth/Insurance Fees DueCancellation DeadlineBooth Assignments E-mailedVendor Check-In /Set-UpSwiss Days

Refund Schedule (for approved vendors)

Before July 1stFull Refund
July 1 - July 3150% Refund
After July 31No Refund

Liability Insurance

If you are selected as a vendor, Midway Swiss Days requires each vendor to provide a Certificate of Liability Insurance ($1,000,000 per occurrence/$2,000,000 aggregate), with Midway Boosters listed as a certificate holder valid August 29-September 1, 2013. Vendors who cannot provide a Certificate of Liability can be listed as an additional insured party on Midway Swiss Days' Policy for an additional $75, payable with your booth fee.

Outstanding Booth Awards

10-15 vendors will be selected to receive Outstanding Booth Awards. The recipients will be granted acceptance into Midway Swiss Days 2013, provided that their product continues to be consistent with Swiss Days standards. Winners will still be required to send an application for the following year, but the application fee of $35 will be waived.

Judging Requirements

  • Well organized and orderly booth and display, designed with a Swiss theme and built to impress.
  • Unique, hand-made or hand-decorated products that complement the design of the booth.
  • Courteous, knowledgeable staff readily available to assist customers and dressed professionally. (Costumes that fit the Swiss theme will be given added consideration.)
  • Cooperative staff who works well with Swiss Days volunteers and complies with all rules.

Other Information

As the premier craft fair in the West, Midway Swiss Days celebrates distinction with a high-quality and well-attended fair which features juried craft booths of superior handcrafted products, delightful live entertainment, and delicious Swiss foods. Each year we anticipate 80,000 to 100,000 visitors over the two day event.
In an effort to improve the infrastructure and services of our fair, Midway Swiss Days offers its patrons free package storage and pick-up, free parking and shuttle services, extensive restroom facilities, and round-the-clock security.